Routes Can Be Converted To "Time" based Passive Income
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Routes Work, Slow Economy or Not

People Will Buy From He Who Delivers

Timing and Location Win Every Time

When a customer is about out of something or is ready for something and you are there, or offer to be there scheduled, with what they need, they are not going elsewhere if you are close to the normal price, even higher cost.

Call for pick up or delivery. Example. Say you have a washer and dryer and you are in a big city with lots of resorts, hotels and motels and even RV parks etc. Where people are there for a week etc and have laundry.

You pick up laundry daily or on call and pay 20% commission to the business, (or they can mark up more) You wash, dry, iron or whatever request and return next day

You furnish small sign that Says "Back Tomorrow" Laundry and Dry cleaning service. See Desk

(You drop off the dry cleaning to a dry cleaning partner for a per centage)

Now you need not limit yourself to wholesale route, you can do laundry no commission direct anyone calls for a pick up. Developing that trade is another story but you get the idea. This is a laundry route.

Lets say you have a huge garden or have a friend or friends that do. You develop an in season vegetable route. You develop customers that will pay to have fresh local grown vegetables, delivered at a premium price. This is another story and you have to use our usual methods of developiong clients.

This is seasonal in many parts of the country but great summer business in other parts. You can build this up over the years and make a passive income out of it by subcontracting it, or you can even sell the route.

There is a great demand for grass grown meat, butter etc. range grown eggs, etc and I will not go to the trouble of explaining the health issues and why this is here. Let me say I publish a newspaper on health and am well aware of this,

You could develop an egg route if you had a good source of range raised eggs. Local small farmer etc not raising chickens in factory cages. Every 2 weeks deliver 6 dozen range raised eggs to customers etc. If you bought the eggs for $2.00 a dozen and sold them for $4.00 you would be making $12.00 a stop. ( I pay up to $5 and i have to go get them.)

You could make up to 20 deliverys a day you have potential good money route.

You can start small with a few customers and build it up and should grow rapidly.

Now let me tell you about a couple in a little town in the middle of nowhere, eastern Az. (probably 150 miles to Phoenix area) They call themself A and H Farms. San Simoen Az.

Do not know if they even have a farm and do not care. They have neighbors that supply some of this I am sure. Here is their route.

They rent a U-Haul every six weeks and deliver in all the bigger cities in Az. This month they are in Tempe on the 14th.

11:00 a church parking lot. They deliver in freezers grass grown beef. Range raised eggs and dressed chickens, and a whole raft of things that I don't even know about. My typical pre arranged order is about $80.00

Usually when I arrive there is a line of 4 or 5 people standing in line to pick up their order. (no one in line is ever obese)

My guess is they have 6 stops a day, around the area and best guess is do $1,000 a stop. Their eggs are $4. local farmers market $5. for range raised.

How did I find out about them? They apparently sent out a press release to publications, that they were doing a route of this type of food, and my daughter noticed it and called me.

Been a customer ever since and have sent others.

They do not have grass raised butter and I go out of my way for that. A creamery in Red Wing Minnesota takes all butter made from spring season when dairy herds are on nothing but grass. They refrigerate it and sell it for over twice the normal butter price year around.

Also get it from New Zealand and other sources and brought 25 pounds back from Argentina last trip. So if you can find a good source, for grass fed meat, range raised eggs, grass fed butter etc you have a potential business.

Those should get you to thinking about developing a route. When developed you contract it to someone to do for a per centage. Your income is the margin and happens automatically every month. You can contract out all the work, once you have developed the customers. Or you can continue it yourself or you can subcontract the work part for a per centage right from the start.

You would not even need to own the washing machine.

The business is CUSTOMERS, learn developing customers and you can start any business, no money.

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Schans Success Story, 55 Year Route >>


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