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You Are Developing A Stream Of Income

Give Up On "Jobs" Develop Income Sources

Give Up Swapping Hours For Money

Your entire life has been based on the idea you had to be educated and trained to "Get A Good Job". Then you would be set for life.

People are now finding out this was a myth, training to be an indentured servant you could and likely were cut lose with two words you "are fired," or more refined, you have been "LAID OFF".
You were never taught or even considered the idea you should have been learning to DEVELOP an income. (or incomes). Learning to be an indentured slave of someone elses whims, was NOT where it si at.

Talked to a guy with 20 years at one firm, as parts manager, very big respected car dealar employer, laid off a year ago when the auto industry slowed. The long term well financed Dealar has now folded.
Parts managers for many more dealars have been laid off as their dealars cut back and or folded. He has spent a year, learning how to interview, polishing his resume, attending job fairs, networking with other out of work parts managers.
He has sent out resumes and applied for 250 jobs in the last year. He has not had one interview.
There are no jobs for parts managers currently open and if there were there would be 150 applicants. Statistically, not worth the postage of even mailing a resume.

The definition of insanity someone said is to keep doing the same thing that has been over and over, proven not to work.
When will he give up on "getting a job" as the answer? It is the only option he knows.
He does NOT need a job, he needs sources of income. His mind set is still to get an income, I have to get a "JOB".
So the relatives all get together and are discussing all going together and raise enough money to start a business and buy him a job. There are a zillion people out there selling ways to start a business which are supposedly ways to "buy a job".
This rarely works, often investing, refinance the house etc. to raise money to "start" a business. With the recession, it can mean two years later, working your heart out to just stay afloat and to keep from admitting you have lost all your friends and relaitive investment etc.

All the other gurus have something to sell you. I have nothing..... Not. a book, a course, a franchise, whatever. 'Zip Nada Not consulting... ( will for free online if have time) I do have advice and "how to do it all, the big turn around for your life, with no money......

My reward is the feeling I am putting my 63 years of starting my own businesses with no money experience to work to hopefully help a lot of people that really need help,
However, what I see a lot them doing, spending a lot of money they don't even have, rushing in were fools should fear to tread, to start or buy a business. Winding up in even worse situation.
Beware of this trap, and keep from going from the pot into the fire. If I do nothing else here, maybe that will wake some of you up. To also be aware you can do it with little or no money.

You need one thing...."income" , so you been desperately looking for advice on how to get a job....(the only thing you know as "income".
So there are a zillion web sites, seminars etc how to file a resume etc and on and on. Keep polishing your job hunting skills...etc stay optimistic. etc
Does not work, and odds are is NOT going to work for you either.
Look at the numbers, (and rising daily) that is NOT working for. So my advice, GIVE UP, it is not working, it is NOT going to work.
Your life and your familys well being is fritting away.
Give Up, on whats NOT working, Change gears.
next article Give Up on Jobs, Change the Entire Concept to Where its Going and What Works, See Almost Immediate Results, and Risk NOTHING.

"Time" -Delivered Income Samples >>

Income to live on starts immediately.
It will be nearly all useable for living expenses because you will have almost NO overhead.

You will need three things, likely you already have these....
A computer with Inernet or wifi available. (public librarys in a pinch)
A cell phone. or regular phone, preferably cell.
and.....maybe a credit card good up to $100, most busiensses you can start even this is not needed.


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The "Hours For Cash Swap" Not an Option

Develop TIME working for You...

No more
swapping hours of your life for dollars.

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  • Stop Looking For A Job.
  • Become Self Employed.
  • Work For A Reliable Person.
  • Go To Work Immediately.


Tell Your Unemployed Friendsstop, Quit Beating A Dead Horse, Make Your Own Job

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