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The most difficult part of working for your self is obtaining customers. A great many really sharp people who can provide great customer service do not seem able to deal with both getting customers and providing good service to the customer.

For example, our Computer Debug Service example, their are many who know how to do a great job of that but just can not switch over to the mentality of getting customers for the service

We are suggesting you can learn from one of these people that might be interested in subcontracting the work, the sale points you need to sign up regular customers for the service.

He has to agree that all customers develped over time etc belong to you. That you bill and service their concerns but he does the actual work.

Once rolling you can farm out the billing, getting new customers etc to others. Make this into a passive "Time based" income stream.

Depending on the type of business and how hard it is to develop a client and how long can you expect to retain them as a client, will determine the percentage of income is paid to the person (subcontractor) sorf of a partner actually doing the work or service.

If it is difficult to obtain clients, for an expensive service and likely to retain little repeat or continued business then you have to keep a high per centage.

If the field is easy to get customers and often continue for years then you keep a smaller per centage. Remember, it has to be fair to both, but do NOT under quote the ability to ferret out customers, without the customer, no one has business assets of value.

This can be local or national or world wide.

Let us say you are acquainted with an out of work artist that is very good at and wants now to specialize in doing his favorite thing, pen and ink drawings.

You set up a business called Pro Artist Agency

You learn how to find clients for him doing pen and ink drawings locally, as well as coutnry and world wide.

You also do the same for many other artists nationwide that do all sorts of art work, including pen and ink

Each artist will have a web site of his work and you can pull from that and make a sample catalog of samples of work from all artists you represent.

You can do national and even local promotion for each artist. You need know little about art, you do need to learn how to develop customers.

This is exactly what these talented artists are NOT good at and do not want to be good at.

They just want to pay you a big percentage, so they can work at what they do and earn money.

Your success is their success and this is what I am telling you is that if you can learn how to develop clients, (and you can) for one trade or service you can use your talent and succeed at most any business with no investment if you get on to hanging in there til you get really good at deveoping customers for your sub contractor partners.

Whether you are good at something and do the work yourself, (ideal initially so you can develop a relationship with the new customer personally,) or you find somene even better at it, then you let them do the service (even right from the start) and you concentrate on developing and digging out customers.

There are niche markets you can discover that will have hardly anyone doing and you can dominate that niche rather fast and easily.

Back to the artists, lets say you do Art Logos, you have many artists that do this.

You may represent highly paid US artists that do nothing but trademarks and get top dollar.

You may have a branch that does internet logos for $5000 flat and you farm those out to an artist in India, who has many friends and can turn out unlimited numbers at $50.00. deliver digitally for you for $25. Deal is customer not satisfied, India party not paid.

Whatever business need you like to work with that may be ripe in your area or nationally, you vouch for the quality of the work, you can bill for it, and pay your partners when paid. Customer can know who is doing the actual work or not ..... that is up to you. Customer likely only wants to be assured it will be good work that you are vouching for that.

What I have been attempting to do is show you possabilitys, get you thinking how you can take a crack at most anything with little or no money and that you do not want all the cumbersome equipement, buildings etc normally necessary to see if you can be a going business.

That already exists, with someone really good at it, but they do not have enough customers and will work with yours for a cut of the income.

They can afford to pay you a high percentage because their regular traffic of client work is at a certain level and pays their overhead hopefully.

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