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A Job=Wages Not Where Its At

Part One: Ask Time To Work For You

The Cheese Moved, Jobs Aint It

Most financially Independant people, have time working for them.

In contrast the "find a good job people," time has always worked against them, and to barely keep ahead they honed their skills (years in school etc) on finding someone that would be willing to trade cash for their hours.

There practice, skills and life goals was to get good at trading hours for cash.
The world changes more and more rapidly and their skills become no longer "in demand" the changes accelerating, and/or for whatever reason or changing conditons their trading hours for dollars ends.

Their cash income STOPPED often with little notice, completely out of their control, no more cash for their hours.
Not to worry, they told you if you were good at what you do.......it would be ......
just find someone else that wants to trade cash for your hours.
Only thing wrong with that is that right now., many others are wanting to trade their hours for the same cash and there is no one that wants to trade right now.

Should you find one, it may again end at any time completely out of your control.
Therefore your bank account, slowly drains out.
Lets look at your bank account as a water tank that you have many needs and it drains out primarily with time like many slow leaks.
Time is workng against you with this leak situation, which you can not stop, you may slow it, but not stop the leak.
You need to be putting something in to offset or eventually beat the leaks before the tank runs dry.

Lets hope that many of you have an unemployment check coming in for a while that may not equal the leak but staves off for a bit it running dry. A little time at best.

Some not even that. Some will be talked into buying a job by emptying the tank and putting them in a business that may turn out to be another hole in what is now almost a dry tank.
Lets rethink the whole thing......this is not working out, the "bank tank" is going dry.....you need several ways to refill the tank and to keep it refilling with you on vacation, working or not, sleeping etc.

Not just the another unreliable job for cash swap.

Come back and we will talk about it in Part 2.

PS. we are selling nothing, so its not another scam. No credit card at the bottom.

Starting A Business With No Money >>

Income to live on starts immediately.
It will be nearly all useable for living expenses because you will have almost NO overhead.

You will need three things, likely you already have these....
A computer with Inernet or wifi available. (public librarys in a pinch)
A cell phone. or regular phone, preferably cell.
and.....maybe a credit card good up to $100, most busiensses you can start even this is not needed.


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The "Hours For Cash Swap" Not an Option

Develop TIME working for You...

No more
swapping hours of your life for dollars.

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