Getting "Time Depositing Money for you" concept
/takes a while to accept the idea.
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Train Father Time To Make $ Deposits

Once Programed, Does It Automatically

The $18,000 you would owe them if you bought their customers, you would have two options, to pay, one is to get him to take 100% of the normal income as it came in still billed by him for (6 months).

That way if any are no pay or drop out he is only paid the legitimate income.
You doing the work yourself or paying for getting the work done for that six months.
You would be paying, less your per centage of course so you would be putting out less then the full $18,000.
You could borrow the money and ask the seller for a ten per cent discount for cash up front.

If you do buy it with the income going to him, at the end of the sixth months your income has thereafter doubled to from our hypothetical start to $1, 650 a month on "Time" generated income from then on.

Maybe for years, and years.
In addition you may be able to increase considerably the number of window washing clients, ...since 200 stores getting their windows washed in Sacramento is a pretty small number.

Or maybe another long term window washer with established clients quits and you pick up his clients for free.......
You want to know every window washer in town and their status and keep posted.
Do you see how your time is essentially free? Do you see how your "time generated" passive income can grow?
Have I explained this well with examples of simple businesses that most can relate to?
Income may even automatically increase (grow) over time with you doing nothing to promote it whatsoever once set up correctly.
You do not even need to handle new customer inquiries yourself, you can subcontract that out to an answering service and a contact or sales person..

You can offer to pay some unemployed salesman $100. for each new customer.
A good sales person between jobs may be able to sign up three new customers a day for you.
We wont go into all the ways to add customers, thats another article.
This article we just wanted you to get some ideas on how you build a "father time" depositing money for you every month without fail.
Lets take one more sample telling about it with another understandable example.
Okay, so you are not into steam cleaning or windows.. But you are into computer work.
Lets say you offer a Monthly DE-BUG computer service and you do the average insurance office etc that has many computers for $200 a month. You come in and remove all viruses, maleware, trojans, etc that are slowing down their computers etc. and you clean out all of them.
Get them back to good fast operation again.
Their computers are back to normal speed operation and they look forward to you showing up every month.
To make a long story short, use the same figures as the steam cleaning etc You eventually subcontract out the actual work, billing, obtaining new customers can all be subcontracted out. All paper work, payments collections etc.

You get it set up so there is NOTHING for you to do, if you so desire. This allows you to further develop the customer base full time or do another business or go to Mexico for six months.

If you decide to do something personally to add to the customer list or even doing the service some of the time yourself, have at it.. this is your option

Remember, the customers are your customers and the subcontractors sign an agreement restricting them from entering this type of business within 500 miles for 3 years etc...

My point here it matters not what the source is, you control the customers, the income etc and can fix it so you do nothing, yet if set up right will continue to grow automatically over time, not just to make up for losses but to actually increase.

I brought up how you will have opportunities when others quit or sell out or some will on a reasonable offer.
Competitiors may have wanted to quit and do something else for years but never figured a way to quit and get out with money.......

You offer it because you know you are buying the only thing that counts, "customers." You buy no equipment, no inventory, NOTHING, just paying customers. You can visit with the customers and be sure they agree to stay with you performing the service.

You will often be the only prospect for buying their customers and you can offer your own price, because you are the only one that knows exactly what a customer is worth.

This is one way your customer lista and income can grow suddenly. We mention it because most are not aware of this ability to go after other competing businesses customer list by buying them and obtain sudden doubling or better of business income.

You are free all along to entice competitors customers away with an offer of a free month trial, for example, in case they are unhappy or paying more etc to present service.

In the telephone answering business we used to buy a competitors accounts for two years income. We were also eliminating a competitor bidding on future business as a side benefit.

If any competitor is considering discontiuing for whatever reason, the offering two years income gets real consideration.
If anyone is considering discontiuing for whatever reason offering two years income for quitting right now was real convincing.
They would make the same amount as if they stayed open and worked and paid all those employees etc, here it was now 100% income.
Most would take the money and run, particularly if they were having a hard time being in the black and you were a tough competitor.
From our stand point we were buying the accounts for nothing because the new accounts did not up our overhead at all.
After the two years our income doubled essentially. All we had to do was stay in business, same overhead as if we had not bought them.
So here you have three examples of simple to start businesses that you can in a relatively short time switch to "time" based automatic income.

You are then freed to do whatever you like or continue personally in promoting the business (or along with several others) and concentrate your time entirely on growing it or other new businesses.

Including developing more "Time based" father time depositing money for you from what some call generating mutiple "revenue streams" when they get several of these automatic income systems going..

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