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Train Father Time To Make $ Deposits

Once Programed, Does It Automatically

These are my made up story of hypothetical business connected services that you would relate to. I have made them into a Father"Time" passing automated deposit system that may get you to thinking how it would be possable for you to develop many automatic "time" connected income systems of your own.

This will be different then what you are familiar or comfortable with, the trade your time for cash that has been your traditional experience and outlook.

Let us say you have a $100. value used steam cleaner that you have been using to clean your drive way, a few auto engines etc and you decide to put it to use.

There happens to be several winerys in your area (or dairys or anything at all) that have tanks or something that should have periodic steam cleaning.

You offer to steam clean all their tanks (or whatever) once a month for $200.00 a month.
You go about it for a month or two and then you really are getting on to this so you find 20 miles down the road another business just like this and you use your reference, the happy customer you have been doing for a few months, and you make a deal with the second winery, diary, whatever to do his tanks for $200 a month.

To make a long story short, you put out the word in that industry that you are good at cleaning these tanks and come by and do it dependably.

Eventually you will get more clients from references from these customers, attendning trade shows where these type of people attend etc. , but lets explain how you turn these two client into "time" connected automatic income.

This sounds like a start your own business, and it is but I have been trying to get you to understand there is more then starting a business, we are trying to explain how you make it your goal to turn your businesses into automatic "time" connected income;

Next step here is to contract with Charley, a dependable guy you have known as a hard working family man who has a day or two available here and there that he would like to make some good money to augment his familys income.

You take Charley along, teach him the tricks of the steam cleaning trade and off him $120 a month per account to do the work. He can use your steam cleaner or get a better one of his own etc and you will contribute to that if necessary along the road some day.

Next you get an insurance policy that covers you for liability, an umbrella policy for all your businesses and we will say the proportion of that cost to this business is $10 a month. Charley gets two clients to take care of and you guarantee him every month on the first $240.00 check. Now you get a service to bill the two customers, deposit the income ($400) and send charley a check for $240 every month so he gets it by the first. This costs you $15.00 a month.

The insurance at $10.00 a month. Collecting and paying Charley service $20.00 (they will handle many of these type things for you every month so they do okay,)

There job,
Two bills sent out, One deposit a month and one check. (and once a year insurance check) and they do it all for $20.00 a month. Subcontract check to Charley $240.00 Billing etc $20. Insurance $10 Overhead $270.00. Income automatic...every month, $400.00
Your first "time" connected $130.00 a month automatic in your bank account, connected passive income.
This requires NONE of your time. Shows up whether you do anything or not.
You may have inquiries about additional clients wanting to use your service. (Charley had a written non compete in steam cleaning while subcontracting for you and five years after discontinuing.)

You may go to other prospective clients and may even offer a free month trial out of your pocket, (you pay Charley) but that is up to you to figure out how to expand your passive income or go on to something else.

You can likely get a web site and have it generate new additional clients for you for a wide area around, acting like the old yellow page ad used to work at $200 a month. In fact you can also take a small yellow page ad or just a listing under steam cleaning and pay for it if you like. It is to expand and enlarge your "time' connected income but it goes on whether you do anything or not.

When you get a new client you ring up Charley and tell him to start taking care of the new client. Thats it, your done after calling your billing service to add another one.

You understand you have NO employees.... You have NO store or front of any kind...

You have a cell phone and a computer with internet connection..... thats it and you use both for many different things.

Custmers have any special needs they can call Charley direct. Give them Charleys number for routine service. Billing question or payment etc refer them to Mary who handles your billing. Once on to that you are essentially unimportant to the operation except handling and developing EXPANSION (optional).

Next Sample.... Window washing or any kind of route service etc. developed into a "time" based passive income.

You decide to develop a window washing route in East Sacramento and generate some income right now by doing all the work as well as developing the route of customers yourself. You wash windows as you go on a one time basis, clean them right now the whole store for $20. or on a weekly basis for $15.00 ( or every two weeks what ever you decide works best)

You work at it calling on every store in eastern Sacramento. If you did really good over a two or three month time you may have developed 100 customers (stores, and offices) at $15.00 lets say you do them average of twice a month. You now have an income of $3,000 a month. Enough to get you buy... since your operating cost is gas and $25.00 a month of cleaning supplys.

Now we decide we want to convert this to a "Time' based income and you be free to do bigger and better things. You now know all your clients personally and they know you do good work.

You get Joe, who you know to be likeable and a hardy work to subcontract you east Sacramento route for $2,000 a month.

You pay the billing service more this time, lots of clients, (100) and you pay them $150 to bill, make a deposit and send Joe a check for $2,000. You may or may not decide to carry liability insurnace but it wont be much maybe $20.00 a month added in with your other. You have a net income comng into your bank account every month of $830 if everybody pays. We allow $130 for no pays and you wind up with $700 a,month. You will be adding some new clients, which is another story how with no effort or many more if you make some effort to go after new clients.

Next, you find out a west Sacramento or a competing east Sacramento window washer wants to move to Nevada and his route is for sale.

You buy it for one half years income. lets say it is same size, $18,000,00 one half a year is what it will generate for you

As your share will be $8,400 passive income, .

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