16 Years of education about a "myth"
that was universally accepted as truth.
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Understand Basic 2 Types of Income.

1. Trade Your Time for Cash
2. Hiring-Training "Time" To Automatically Earn Deposit Income For You

Therefore, the people that have an income from "Time"working for them are not laid off, when times are tough and they do not do the normal, "go out of business" when income does not equal expenses because most of these are INCOME only, with little or no fixed expense, such as a store front etc.

When you have an automatic income worked up eventually, to equal or to cover living expense out goes all by itself, then you have attained the finnancial freedom that actually often exceeds the financial freedom of a typical millionaire.

The millionaire is often in a situation of absolute "nose to the grindstone" to maintian or avoid losing his business or income, Whereas the person with an income from "Time," exceeding living expenses, (passive income) doing all the heavy financial lifting has a complete freedom to do what he wants with his time.

Lets repeat that again....

A Person With An Income From "Time: (passive income) that Exceeds Living Expense Outgo Has Gained A Financial Freedom Exceeding a "Working Millionaire"

Definition......Time Working For You ( passive income) Means money flow to you continually over time and based primarily on time doing the work. (earning) and you not trading your time for cash (job).

You will read all sorts of promotions on selling you a book, course etc on how to develop a passive income without you doing any work.

Do not believe it, all passive incomes require some work getting them working. It is this part that causes a problem for many.

You will likely have to have some businesses where you trade some hours for cash etc while you build up a passive income.

15 to 20 years in school trying to learn how to get to the point you could hold a "life time" good jobWhen the budget ran out even the government life time jobs were not life time.

Compare: It may take you only six months of work and "learning how" to build several streams of "Time working for you" and automatically collecting and depositing money for you.

This is a different concept and takes whle to sink in and be "learned"

After you get the first one delivering money to your bank account dependably automatically, then you will start to make more effort and be more willing to take a liitle gamble or risk.

The big problem is visualizing this concept allowing yourself to do considerable work now often no pay, to get this rolling.

You will do a lot initially for which you see no pay now.

In other words you have to allow yourself the faith to know you intially do a LOT you do not get paid for but later you will get paid for a lot you don't do.

It will usually comeback to you multiplied. The trick is to being able as a result of pprogress to spend more and more time building "Time" based (passive income) and less and less time "trading time for money.

TWO Seperate THINGS......
these are like apples and oranges.

1. (new) Developing "Time" Based Income Streams

2. Earning Money, Free lance, Job, Contract.

etc Traditional except maybe as an independant business person

Your success, overall life well being, and finnancial standing 3 years from now will be almost entirely determined with how much time and effort and success you have with converting to number 1.

You have been gearing up for and thinking about income from jobs for umpteen years.

It will take some mental adjustment to the idea that this is the way a big per centage obtained their income and have derived an income over the centurys. Concept is not new at all, only it is a new concept to you.

Many have developed intertnet systems that automaticlly deliver them a passive income each month. This has been giving the whole concept of building many different sources of "Time" working for you passive incomes publicity.

Up until the internet passive incomes arrived on the scene, most had never heard of the concept of "Father Time" working for you, instead of against you.

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There never was such a thing as job security, That Chicken just came home to roost.

Develop TIME working for You...

No more
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