16 Years of education about a "myth"
that was universally accepted as truth.
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Understand Basic 2 Types of Income.

1. Trade Your Time for Cash
2. Hiring-Training "Time" To Automatically Earn Deposit Income For You

To make living expenses while developing and learning number two you will likely have to continue some #1.

Phase 1 out more and more as you learn how and get #2 up to speed.

The idea for years has been get an education by all means so you can get a good job and be set for life.

Well, it is finally dawning on a lot of people laid off for the third time for example that this never was true, they had bought into a myth.

The people that get father"time" working earning and automatically monthly depositng money for them instead of trading their time and life for cash, have a whole different mind set.

If you look into history, the people that have started revolutionary things on the American (or world scene) business scene and went on to become millionaires etc where those who had or developed some way to earn a living with out tying up their time, as a result, gained a finnancial freedom, so they had all of their time available, unencumbered, avaiable totally to devote their time and resources on new concepts without risking their familys welfare etc.

Because they had often had a passive "time" generated assured income coming in they could then devote 100% of their attention to the new concepts etc.

Sometimes, it takes a few years to really develop a steady income with training father time to doing the work of cashing in for you what you set in motion.

Others have done it in a short time on the internet and you hear those stories. We will go into those later from my experience, but you can read about a thousand ideas on how to make money on the internet and it certainly is feasable, were not able to investigate many.

We have been on the net almost from its start and were one of the first ISP around.

We are starting out disclosing primarily how you use the internet as a tool. Not as the whole business it self.

Like an updated replacement for many past cumbersome expensive business tools previously needed to make almost any business operate successfully, like a store etc.

Back To Training Father Time To Work For You
What I try to do is get two concepts straightened out in your mindset so you can get this working for you, because it is really a whole change of ideas about income from what you have always believed.

Some call this "passive" income. I call it getting "father time" working "cashing in' for you what you set in motion.

Have already explained with samples of passive income and time working for you but will do a couple more here for this article.

My son is a commercial artist. He has a life time of pen and ink drawings... in file drawers and on his computer.

Some of the works were paid for and made and sold for certain uses but most he retains all other rights.

Now here is where I explain two concepts. One is he can use the internet as a tool to convert this inventory into a Time basis (passive) income. Lease his art work for use on the internet and for internet publishing or any publishing.

The customers pay a fraction of what they would pay to have it drawn exclusively for them, so good deal for them and he gets an income with no effort whatsoever, an agency handles the whole thing.

He can add to the inventory when and if he does other jobs or has time etc. But the income goes on whether he does anything or not and it will average out at so much a month. (Time generated connected income)

That will likely turn out to be his first life "time on going" passive income.

That is one. Lets say it generates $200 a month average deposited in his bank account. Now he needs to devlop more passive incomes and/or expand this one.

When he gets passive "time generated" income coming his way every month, equalling or exceeding his income needs, then he can stop doing contract art work that pays the most, and just do what the type of art it is that he loves to do.

If he ever becomes a famous artist it would likely be because he developed an income system that allowed him his time totally free to do what he loved.

Starting to see that this is an entirely different concept of freeing you from someone being able to say we no longer want to nor are we able to swap dollars for your time.


Eventually freeing all of your time to do in life what you like. This sysetm gains you two freedoms.

The income is based on revenue comng in over time that requires NO effort on my sons part though he can add to the inventory and improve it at will etc.

Now you think he is making money on the internet. Not the case, the internet is the tool the agancy uses to handle his prospects and take in money for him on a per centage basis.

Maybe they can get it up to several hundred or thousand dollars a month.

This illustrates, the income is based on the internet but he is not actively doing anything on the internet. The agency handling his inventory, and doing the bookwork is.

You might be an auto insurance agent for one of the insurance companies on commission. You develop 500 customers that write their auto insurance with you.

You might even use the internet as a tool to locate and develop this base of insurance customers. The company will send you some, but to really grow you have to develop some yourself.

These customers, are mostly loyal and a large per centage renew year after year.

You have someone take care of the bookwork and claims etc. You have an almost constant income the rest of your life whether you show up for work or not.

There are people that have made a niche with sales of needed equipment, information or whatever and it runs on the internet instead of and MERELY in place of a store front.

Again the internet is the tool like the store was a tool. The difference is the internet is almost a zero overhead, and things can slow down and you do not go bust, because you never were carrying or committed to an on going overhead.

When things slow down you are not killed by the overhead on going at the high "good year" rate.

This used to be called "making the nut".

You had a certain overhead you had to raise just to stay in business, "making the nut". When you use the internet in place of the store, warehouse, etc you essentially have a very small or no nut at all.

The making the nut comes from in the old days, the circus would come to town in wagons and would need a big physical area to put up the tent and house all the wagons, animals etc.

They would make arrangements with a farmer to use his land, promising to pay soon as they sold tickets etc. The farmer was taking no chances so he took all the nuts off their wagon wheels and would not give them back til he got paid

The circus could not leave town until they made enough money to pay the farmer and get their wheel nuts back. That was called "making the nut."

So in business it was "have we made the nut" yet, (covered our overhead.)

To be in business, you used to have to carry a risk with a big overhead to meet, just to even be in business.

You had to "make the nut" raise enough cash each month to pay those expenses just to stay in business, let alone eat.

If there was not enough there to pay expenses, and then especailly when you took some money out to be able to eat, you went busted.

Lost everything you had worked for.

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