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Most have a little problem of grasping the idea that you can generate income that comes from somewhere besides a "job".

Income that shows up as an element of time involved, whether you show up for work or not. How can that be...?
Well lets think small.....get you used to the idea. Lets say this month you get something set up that earns you and automatically or almost automatically shows up in or affects your bank account to the tune of $10 or more each month, and likely will grow to $12 a month etc.
Okay, now if we said you can do the same thing and get something set up that generates automatically hereafter no effort on your part $3,000 a month, well you would be skeptical. You think we are trying to sell you something. We are not and we can show you how we do that one and can send you there, but lets ease into this so your grasp the idea that people have been doing this for years, that it is no new development, it is just the populace got geared up to selling themselves in the industrial society that you had to have a job to "earn" a steady income.

Lets go back to the big depression. You could not get a job, because there were almost none. You could however go to almost any major life insurance company and if you had any sales ability and get up and go gumption at all they would train you for free and put you to work on commission selling life insurance.

You sold a life insureance policy to some family, a half million dollar pay out on the insureds death, a policy say for $15.00 a month premium
That $15.00 a month premium the first year went totally to the agent the first year.
From then on the insurance company for the rest of the life the customer paid and kept renewing it, he got half
Whether they still have that for life insurance agents I do not know. But lets see how that worked for our depression life insurance agent.
He was building a time based income.
Every month whether he worked or not if he had sold 2 policys a week, (he had to be really good and a hard worker to do that) he would have over 100 policys paying $15 or during the depression a $1500 a month income. Which he could then do again while keeping a $750 on going income from the first year.

By the third year, he would be running around $3,000 a month whether he took the month off or not.
He could quit entirely and move to Mexico were the living was cheap and still continue much or most of the income for years.
Thats not my best example but it is based on the last depression and many of the good salesmen came out of nowhere and went on to become millionaires, having got their start and income base coming in from a "Time based" income developed from life insurance clients.

With this steady predictable income appearing in his bank account every month whether he went on to something else or not he could take risks because he had an assured living coming in based on no additional effort on his part, just based on time.
He could stay on selling life insurance and build his income, but it did allow the basis for many to move into other fields and not have to depend on the new field to support them.
This is why you want to develop a time base income, it gives you FREEDOM,.
You are then no longer a WAGE SLAVE, renting your indentured servitude to someone elses control for specified times out of your life, in order to have a living income coming in.
You all know about or heard about someone who is making $2,000 dollars a day on the internet doing almost nothing.
Thats a long complicated story and I have been into almost every new thing from the start including television, set sales, rentals, one of the first cable systems, low power tv stations etc. so I started in the internet and was one of the first ISPs in my state.
So let me explain one little branch, so you understand, basics, there are two aspects or things about the internet, support for any business, like a combination office, and a yellow page ad etc a secratary, a print shop and many other functions we used to have to pay big dollars or risk big dollars, to try some business concept. So that aspect is back up or foundation for a new business. It is your new office, store ,warehouse, delivery system, booking agent , secretary, print shop, advertising department, store etc. all that almost for free.

Next there is the publishing or distributing information and advertising on the internet Aspect two.....so do NOT confuse the two. The publishing on the net as I call it earns advertising dollars primarily or sells something directly like an e-book etc.
So now to time based income on the net. It can come from either aspect one above but primarily let me give you our example of number two.
We have published hard copies Casino newspapers for several years newspapers, ( we publish it every six months or whenever we run out of copies.) in the midwest six states

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