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Only Business Asset Worth Buying Is Customers and Income
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Only Asset Worth Anything when you sell your business, is customers.

Create Customers, Key to Success

Only Thing That Counts, Is Customers.

All the rest is just what you do not need. Leave that to others who think thats where it is at and have their shirt invested in "details.
You can have a huge store, all the latest fixtures, all the latest inventory, but if you have inadequate customers, you have worse then NOTHING.

You can have a fleet of ten service trucks and well trained and qualified employees, but if you have inadequate number of customers you have worse then NOTHING.
You can develop a system of getting and keeping customers for all types of businesses and service, and if you have the customers you have EVERYTHING.
You sub out the work, delivery, fulfilment or service, but you own and colleect from the customer, you pay your subcontractors. The difference is Almost ALL yours.
You automatically make money on every transaction, because you do it all with almost NO overhead.
These are newly generated and repeat customers and both generate so much predictable business ($) each week whether you are there to take care of it or not. TIME is working for you.
You automate even much of the customer contact or farm it out.

Five years from now when you decide to sell out your businesses, the value or sale price will be how much income your business produces, and how many customers you have and customer traffic established. The sale price will likely be two years income.
This was learned years ago, first when i bought out a competitor answering service. I found out the going price for answering service buy outs was one years income.
When you add custmers to an answering service you hardly increase overhead at all so for one year we did not make a dime, on those bought customers, but they did not really cost us anything either. One year later we had that huge increase in income.

When i sold my answering service, it was the same, based on income, (so much a customer.) In the answering service business there is no physical assets. Maybe a desk or two but thats it. The working equipment all belongs to the phone company.
Then I figured it out, the equipment you buy when you buy a business is just details, the only thing that counts is the customers.
When I sold my cable system after 11 years (one of the first) ones in the country (started 1954) it was based on so much a customer. I was showing them all this expensve equipment i had spent years installing When they took it over they replaced everything. They only wanted the customers. The rest was a liability and it cost them to throw it away.

Whether you realize it or not that is the way it is with any business you buy or sell.
The value to you or anyone is how many customers and how much money does it generate.
You can learn all the details, licensing, insurance,.taxes bookkeeping etc elsewhere. Advice for that is all over the place.
What you can learn from me is the key....how to get and CONTROL the customer base. It took me sixty years to learn.
......and ...... whats happened to make it a snap now. very easy compared to what used to be a huge investment of money time and energy...

Now you can auomate almost all of it for almost free.
I will share the how to with you....
You got it easy....

Now that you understand you want to go in the:

"customer collection and control business"
we will teach you how to do it using todays methods.
We first learn how to collect customers
part 6 and then part 7 what kind you prefer.

Part 2: Your Banks Tank Needs Inflow >>


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