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This time lets explain how to start any business, anywhere and be "big stuff" if you luck out in relatively short time.

My suggestions is put eggs in lots of different baskets and watch em all...

Some are going to hatch, and it may surprise you which one.

In contrast If you have all your eggs, your parents eggs, the banks second mortgage eggs, business loan, etc and the basket gets kicked over or worse yet rots, in a sour economy, you not only did not improve things, you tipled the problem.

Lets say you follow this idea and you have ten things geared up and working in six months, some drastic improvements, you should have been making a living on one of these fairly soon, week or two., others will contribute some money to your income and altogether you will be busy, busy and your wife and the mortgage will both ease up. They will see big possabilitys.

This will all depend on how you use your head, your ambition and your nose to the grind stone to get these rolling.

Look at getting businesses off the ground as like an airplane, it takes a lot to get them off the ground but once up there not so much.

The big thing first time entrepeneurs will have a lot of problem, with this is doing nothing for me, what I am doing is NOT earning me any money right now.

This is what you have to get thru your head right off or you wont keep yourself going.

You do an awful lot intially you get paid NOTHING for, and you will get paid along the line for a lot for which you DO NOTHING.

Maybe you should write that down. The problem initially is you do not know what is cause and whats effect.

Like one famous business man said regarding all his advertising and promotions costs, both where the reason he was rich and famous.

He was absolutely certain that half the money he had spent on his advertising and promotion was a total waste.

He said he could have easily cut out the waste half and it would not have made any difference, at all, but the problem he said was he never did figure out which half was which.

Be around for years for those ships to keep coming in that you will be sending out.

When you were working for someone else it was their ships you were sending out, Now everything you send out, they are all yours going out and best all when they come back.

The hard part is to keep working when few are comng back yet.

If you do not work at the first part there never is going to be a second part for you as a reluctant entrepeneur.

Todays start up technique and idea is hypothetical but if you grasp this, you can adopt it to anything.

Lets say if I told you I decided to be big and make money in the "wild rice" business.

You and I know ZIP about the wild rice business. Does NOT matter, here is how we will start, (no MONEY) and we are developing the ONLY thing that counts in the wild rice business, CUSTOMERS.

We do NOT need warehouses full of rice, a marketing expert tell us how to sell wild rice, we do not even need to know anything at all about wild rice.

So you say how am I going to get and develop customers for wild rice, when I don't have any wild rice.

First of all lets say you have descovered or decided there is a relatively serious customer here and there devoted to wild rice. A NICHE market. Super markets may be selling mass market wild rice but you are going after the real thing. That you think the real wild rice customer would like to obtain but does not know there is away. to obtain reliably.

You do a little research and find out that some of the very best Wild Rice is grown WILD on the lakes near Onamia Minnesota, and it is harvested from long canoes by hand growing in the shallow lake water right on the lakes by some local indian tribes.

Great story, here is how you could go in the Wild Rice Business and five years from now be doing big business and maybe make some significant income right off if you luck out. Lets say this is one of your new business ships you are sending out.

Keep in mind if you decide to be a luxury fishing boat company in Florida duplicate the exact same steps. Whatever, wherever this is how you do it. Nope, I am not going to do any of these for you, you have to send your own new business ships out.

Step one, find out who in Onamia, call the Mayor, the city manager the librarian, anybody at all you can round up the phone number for, chief of police if that have one or they always have a county sheriff.

Call up and say something like this.... Sheriff I am calling from out of town and I am trying to find some one that might know someone in Onamia that is marketing, selling in any way the Indian hand harvested authentic wild rice from your nearby lakes in the area.

If he does not know he will know someone that likely does. Send you there. Eventually you will find someone. Maybe he wholesales it some big company somewhere etc.

Sound him out and eventually decide if he might be the one to talk to or he should refer you to a better prospect.

Say that you have a few select folks that want real authentic wild rice shipped right from the source. Ask what is that going for a pound there wholesale now...whats about the best you can get for it on the spot there in Onamia in any kind of quantity.?

Have no idea what its worth...but lets say the answer is $10.00 a pound in 50 pound bags.

What you are looking for, tell him somebody that could obtain that for me, box it up and ship it out to my customers once a week. Pay them by the shipment, say $8. a package for boxing up per pound and see that it gets shipped out within a week...understanding much of this would be done right after harvest.

Get this to where you have a prospect that might be exactly the reliable person in Onamia that would like to pick up a few bucks mailing out rice Watch out for town drunk, not going to teach you a course on how to pick someone out to count on with out going there but you can do it. You can check up on them verify them and give them a few tests.

First test is you are going to send them a check for $10.00 for the pound of rice sample, $8.00 for them boxing it up and sending you a sample, and you will send your fed ex or UPS number etc or check for shipping. lets say $25.00 total.

This is your test for your local Onamia shipping contractor. and your gamble.

Keep in mind this is a legit packaged one pound of Onamia authentic wild rice you can resell to your first customer.

The first customer YOU ship if you like or you subcontractor local Onamia partner will ship it for you We assume they have email so you can send over orders weekly, or when and if you have them, tell them most of your orders will be right after next harvest, but you want to get geared up and going.

We will assume you got that straightened your satisfaction and you are competent manager type to make these decisions....investment $25... and you can do it without..just a little insurance your local guy is serious...etc. Not essential at all other ways to test and check him...

Lets are now backed up by a shipping department and an Indian tribe warehouse full of enough wild rice to keep a large number of wild life customers happy.

Lets say it works like this... You offer wild rice in one pound lots for $50. (maybe thats outrageous, maybe thats cheap, I have no idea .....I write this as an understandable example...

Ten pound lots for $360.00 (costs you$100 remember. Lets say $15.00 to shipper. and $60 shipping. $175. out of pocket. You clear about that much on the ten pound order and you did not do a thing except get the customer. So you may get some high class restaurants etc willing to pay for the real thing in ten pound lots. Who knows. You just forward over the order to your partner there in Onamia. You collect, credit card etc...first...send him weekly money when due. Paypal, whatever method he wants. We pay our people overseas with something called Xoom.

They pay $3.50 per check ...comes out of their expense. (check amount)

Now the work (hard) part. Every article I am not going to run a course on how to get customers..I will try to do it one place....but it is what you HAVE to learn in any business and in what I am teaching you the customer IS THE BUSINESS. You will not deal in wild rice, really you are dealing in customers. You do NOT own a grain of rice and likely never will but YOU WILL OWN CUSTOMERS the only thing that counts.

Lets say here is what I would do the minute i had Onamia end all lined up...

Would Immediately devlop a company called the Wild Rice House of Oanmia If i could think of the Indian name that might fit would have used that.

Across the top of your web site... Wild Rice House of Onamia big script type authentic old time indian source....

sub head Hand Picked at Peak by members of the Wakipia Indian Tribe..every fall, from Long Canoes On Lake Whatever (find out what lake most comes from ) (made up the tribe name,) for illustration purposes only_

make this all in a day or two... you can

learn how (you really need to) or get your high school nephew or someone to do it for you. Get it done and good......


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